Windhaven's Play at Bangor

BIG Placer

Nascimento (d.o.b.): 30 / 05 / 1991

Am.Br.Ch. Shoreview's Bronco Billy Am.Ch. Lanbur Broadway Joe Am.Ch. Lanbur They Call Me Jake
Am.Ch. Fairmont Sound of Music
Am.Ch. Shaw's Queen Aggravain Am.Ch. Kamelot's and Shaw's Kome Lately
Am.Ch. Shaw's Ado Annie
Milk Shake de Alo Br.Ch. Bangor Corn Flakes Am.Br.Ch. Bangor Sir Lancelot
Am.Can.Br.Ch. The Tavern's Alcoholic Anon
Br.Ch. Endless Summer Just in Time Br.Ch. Bangor Goulash v. Schloss
Br.Ch. Endless Summer Hallowen
Filhos neste site / Offspring in this site
Br.Ch. Bangor Play Ludwig Van
Bangor Play The Pastoral
Bangor Sabre Dance
Br.Ch. Bangor Happy Day  v. Rotdornweg
Bangor Bolero